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TCHEKA - Agonia

TCHEKA - Agonia

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Tcheka & Mário Laginha - "Tchoro Na Morte" - Jazz in Marciac 2016

Tcheka & Mário Laginha - "Tchoro Na Morte" - Jazz in Marciac 2016

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Trésor du Cap Vert

"Tcheka's songs can be heard like stories. Narrations, memories,

tales on musical variations invented from rhythms most often chosen from among the liveliest of Cape Verde,

such batuque, funana, tabanka, finaçon or colareda." Patrick Labesse, Le Monde.

From his showcase at Womex in Seville, Tcheka now tours around the world. With 5 albums to his credit, he collaborates with

several international artists during his tours: concerts in Africa with guitarist Derek Gripper, in France and in Europe with

the Portuguese pianist Mario Laginha (Spain, Germany, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Luxembourg ...).


Tcheka is in France for the preparation of his new album.

A tour in France is planned from the fall of 2022.  

Availability: season 22/23

Line up: 2 musicians + 1 technician

Origin: Aquitaine, Cape Verde, Portugal